15th September 2019

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Product in a Tin Competition Winner Announced 

The winners of our Product in a Tin competition have been announced! Congratulations to Arjun, a year 10 student from Whitefriars School in Harrow whose travel maths game was the overall winner. 

1st Prize 2019 Product in a Tin competition

The product is made from a combination of laser cut wood and polymer and is designed to teach young children about addition and subtraction. What particularly stood out about Arjun’s entry was the thinking behind the design and the ‘story’ he told about his entry, both through his detailed application form and the sheet of instructions he produced on how to use the game. This showed Arjun had a clear focus on the user and their needs, along with how the product functioned to address these requirements. To play the game marker on the wheel is spun to select the type of calculation to be done, and then the dice is rolled twice to choose the numbers that will be added or subtracted (with the highest number always going on the first pillar). The child does the calculation and puts the correct number of discs on the final pillar. Everything comes apart to fit neatly into the container size as specified in the original brief.

2nd & 3rd place 2019

Second prize went to Dylan, a year 9 student from Tibshelf Community School in Derbyshire who designed and made a 3 in 1 cape, bag and canopy using textiles with polymer components (some of which he bought and some which he laser cut himself). Third prize was awarded to Lauren, a year 9 student from Sir Henry Ford Grammar School in Aylesbury, who combined wood, polymer and textiles , effectively using the properties of each material to create create a learning toy.

As usual it was a delight to judge the work of so many students and we’d like to thank all students and teachers for their hard work. In particular, it was very pleasing to see a wide range of materials being used and combined together. We were also pleased to see a big increase in the number of boys entering the competition. 

#InspiredBy 2 Product in a Tin winners 2019 copy

You can see more information on the main prize winners, as well as winners of some of the smaller prizes here

The Product in a Tin competition for this year (ending 1st August 2020) has also been launched (although we are waiting to get confirmation of the prizes) so why not use it as a focus of a module of work, homework, NEA mock assessment or after school club. Get more information along with resources to get you started. 

New Date For Our Sewing Machine Maintenance Course

servicingOur popular sewing machine maintenance course has been on hold for a while as cutbacks at the STEM Centre have meant they will no longer be running this course course.  We have been working with Neil Coles, the engineer we deliver the course with to get this course up and running as one of our own. This has taken a little longer than we expected to get organised but we’re pleased to say that November 18th in Nottingham will be the next date and venue. 

Note that as this is no longer a STEM Centre course there is no bursary and the full fee is payable but the potential savings a department can make means this is a sound long term investment. If there's sufficient demand we'll run courses in other areas, so let us know if you know a group of technicians/teachers in your area who might be interested. 

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  • Moodboards shouldn’t just be a cut and stick exercise from the Argos and Ikea catalogue! Often when creating moodboards students collect ideas directly linked to what they are designing but this can really restrict their thinking. This article on creating moodboards by focusing on unrelated ideas is great for helping students think more creatively. The video mentioned in the article is also a great resource. 
  • The ultimate in wearables - electronics that can be sewn to your skin and organs to track your health e.g. tracking the healing progress of a wound. The technology uses a transistor made of linen thread dipped into a vat of gel coating it with thin layers of carbon nanotubes to make it conductive and able to connect a range of sensors.
  • If you are an NQT or trainee, or someone who mentors new teachers, this report on behaviour management from the Education Endowment Foundation is a useful summary of things to think about for the new term (and it's also a useful reminder for those of us who've been in teaching a lot longer). Although the report itself is targeted at leaders in schools there are lots of things that relevant to individual teachers. 

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