9th June 2019

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This week’s free resources

Instead of our usual #ThinkDo cards we have something slightly different to share this week. We recently visited Nottingham Trent University’s degree shows and we’ve used some of the photos we took to create photo cards. 

NTU 2019

There are a variety of cards across different degrees, including furniture design, product design, fashion design, textile design and accessory design. Each card includes images of the work of individual degree students, the short write up most students included with their work, plus a link where more examples of their work can be seen. The products in the images haven't been chosen for any particular reason other than to illustrate typical work carried out by students on a particular degree. 

The cards are mainly designed for use with KS3 and year 10 students and care should be taken if using them with students thinking about their NEA to ensure students don't just copy the ideas and that the cards don't encourage a teacher led outcome. 

We posted some of the cards as jpegs on our Facebook page but the full set are available as a PowerPoint to download here. 

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  • Ofqual are evaluating the GCSE and A level qualification changes and they are inviting teachers to have their say by attending workshops in Coventry in November. The workshops are free and travel expenses will be reimbursed. They would like people who have taught both the legacy and new qualification so they can comment on the challenges and changes of moving from one to the other. No matter what your feelings on the new qualifications it's important we don't lose this chance to have our say (both good and bad feedback), especially as the sessions will only go ahead if there are sufficient numbers of teachers who put themselves forward. Find out more. 
  • A cafe in Mumbai with cardboard walls, chairs, tables and lampshades. The architect wanted to show the versatility of cardboard as a material because of its recyclable and biodegradable properties, as well as its ability to insulate and absorb sound.
  • With the Women’s World Cup starting it’s a great opportunity to get students thinking about sportswear design, particularly the importance of designing for performance as well as aesthetics. These links might be useful starting points for homeworks or lesson activities: article by the BBC on some of the strips, article on the England Kit, footballer Chelcee Grimes rating some of the kits, a focus on French fashion designers using the World Cup for inspiration.  
  • Several different posts across the week of work from the Nottingham Trent University degree shows including images of a wide range of work from different students and scale models and prototypes used by some of the students. 

Product in a Tin competition - 8 weeks to get your entries in!

Why not use our competition as a module of work, homework, club or mock NEA? Open to years 5 - 11. Ends 1st Aug 2019. There are lots of resources to get your planning started. 

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Take a look at the full course calendar with all courses coming up in June & July. 

The D&T Roadshows - our lowest cost course with a fun filled day for just £80. 

Exam Success: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T - a curriculum planning course with a difference. 

D&T GCSE: Making It Work In Textiles - for textiles teachers who want to embrace D&T GCSE through a creative textiles approach. 

Maximising Results in A Level D&T Fashion & Textiles - some resources will also be relevant to colleagues in A level Product Design. 

New to Teaching Design & Technology - 4 day bursary funded course run by the National STEM Learning Centre for newly qualified teachers (we deliver day 3). 

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