5th September 2019

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At the end of last term we released PowerPoints with all the #ThinkDo and TechDoodle resources from the summer term. Although these were previously released as individual jpegs, the PowerPoints collect together all of the resources in one place which might be particularly useful if you missed any, or to use as a ready made resource to give to students. The individual jpegs will still be available to download from our D&T Blog page on the website but the PowerPoint downloads offer ends on 9th September 2019.

ThinkDo TechDoodle resources


Updates and changes to the website

Boyd Education Let's Learn 2

Our website had a big overhaul over the summer so apologies if things are no longer where they used to be! Most things are still there but we've tried to simplify things so there's a new menu system which means a lot of things have been moved around. It's been a huge job and it can be hard to spot errors and problems so let us know if you find any broken links or other issues. If there's a resource that's moved and you can't find its new home contact us and we’ll try and find it for you. 

Product in a Tin competition winners announced soon

Product in a Tin 1

The winners of our Product in a Tin competition will be announced soon. Winners have already been informed but we're just in the process of getting the updates on the website and then the winners will formally be announced. We had a great time judging the entries over the summer and it was fantastic to see a wide variety of entries across a range of materials, along with a big increase in the number of boys entering. The competition will continue again this year with a deadline date of 1st August 2020. The information about the new competition hasn't been updated yet but there won't be any big changes so the information and resources for last year's competition can be used by anyone wanting to use it as a module of work, homework, mock NEA context or after school club. Just note that this year's prizes have yet to be confirmed. 

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  • Some useful resources have been released by the D&T Association that might be suitable for introducing D&T to new groups or for open evenings etc. There are a number of videos including one on 'Design and Technology makes the world better’ as well as a leaflet called 'What will you be doing in D&T?'

  • The Compound Interest website has some really great posters you can print out and use for display - they are designed for chemistry but many are also useful for D&T including: BiopolymersGrapheneKevlarBanknotesFootball shirtRecycling smart phone metals 
  • Interesting summary about Graphene and some of its applications across all material areas.  
  • A practical application of e-textiles for diabetics - the Siren Sock & Foot Monitoring System which enables early identification of problems helping to reduce ulcers by up to 72%, which prevents infection, gangrene and amputation. The socks use tiny thermistor sensors less than a millimetre long which can’t be seen or felt and which are embedded into the yarns. Thermistors are input sensors specifically named in the Edexcel and Eduqas D&T specs (AQA also list temperature sensors as an input sensor and this would usually be a thermistor). This is a great example of this learning within a textiles context. 
  • When we think of astronauts clothing we mainly think of the suits worn on space walks but this Professor of Industrial Design and her students are designing prototypes to help NASA redesign the day to day clothing astronauts wear on the International Space Station. Here she talks about the challenges of meeting the needs of such an unusual group of users.

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