4th April 2019

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LIMITED OFFER:  AVAILABLE 4th April 2019 - 24th April 2019


There are no new #ThinkDo cards this week, and for the next few weeks, because of the Easter break. Instead, for a limited period you can download all 22 of the #ThinkDo resources from the Spring 2019 term all collected together onto a PowerPoint. Offer ends 24th April 2019. THIS OFFER HAS NOW ENDED

Note the file is large and may not download to some mobile devices. Some school system settings might also restrict downloads. 

If you want the original jpegs of the cards instead scroll through the blog each week and download them from there.

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  • There are a number of good revision books available for D&T GCSE and recently we’ve come across the Pocket Posters Revision Guide by Daydream Education. It's A5 size and has glossy pages with loads of colour and it feels more like a catalogue than a book. It summarises key info onto a page and is particularly useful for the core. It's not perfect (I personally think there's a bit too much use of colour) but at £3.99 it’s a reasonable price especially as you get both the hard copy book and a code that allows you to access the book online (and if you’re buying more than 10 the price is lower). You can also buy the individual pages as A1 posters as well. The video is a quick flick through the book.
  • The Sleep Pod is an interesting product for discussion around designing for well being. It’s made made from a 4 way stretch fabric that applies a gentle pressure to your whole body creating a cocoon that is said to help reduce anxiety and aid sleep. Designed by Matt Mundt, who’s previously worked at Apple and Harley Davidson, it was inspired by the designer’s insomnia & the way swaddling is used to calm a baby and encourage it to sleep. 
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Support for Your Summer Term Planning

Save yourself some planning time over the break by taking a look the Let’s Learn section of the website. This pulls together useful videos & websites linked to different areas of the curriculum to save you time having to look for them. Many of the sections also have #ThinkDo cards that can be downloaded. These pages are being developed and added to all the time. 

Why not use our Product in a Tin competition as a module of work, NEA mock context, or homework? The competition is open to year’s 5 through to year 11 and the prizes are fab! Every school that enters gets a free resource and if students don’t want to part with their work photo entries are accepted (although these can’t win prizes and can only be considered for inclusion on the website). Closing date 1st August 2019.

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