3rd February 2019

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Design Museum Inspiration

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The new Design Museum has been open for a while but we only recently got the chance to visit for the first time. We particularly liked the crowdsourced wall that collects together objects suggested by the public that individuals felt represented everyday design to them. With a wide range of products across all materials areas it’s a great visual representation of the broader materials aspect of the D&T GCSE. The display looks striking visually and it would be great to replicate it on a smaller scale in a department. 

design museum

The museum’s use of ‘user’, ‘designer’ and ‘maker’ in the main entrance and in displays around the exhibitions also has a great impact in terms of constantly reinforcing their key message. 

These posters were also on display at the museum as part of the activities in the family area in the permanent exhibition. The briefs/contexts might be useful to use with students e.g. as a homework or cover lessons, although the fashion one's a bit disappointing as with all the amazing fashion technology they have on display I would have thought they could have come up with something better than designing an apron!

Download This Week’s TechDoodles

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These resources can be used by anyone but delegates attending most of the courses we're running in the spring & summer term will find them particularly useful to compliment other resources given away on the day. This includes our “Exam Success: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T’ courses taking place in Burnley 5th Feb, Basingstoke 26th Feb, Liverpool 8th March & 13th June, Nottingham 11th March & 18th June and central London 2nd July. This course includes revision, as well as support for longer term curriculum planning. 

Download This Week’s #ThinkDo Cards

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Delegates attending our D&T Roadshows receive 50 #ThinkDo cards along with other freebies. Find out more about the Roadshow and find the one nearest to you. The next ones are Ipswich 8th May, Dorset 6th June, Liverpool 15th June & Bournemouth 13th July (midweek & weekend dates available).

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  • A safety helmet that prevents concussion inspired by hedgehog quills - nice example of biomimicry inspired design. Watch this video as well as this one to find out how the helmet works, read an article on the helmet or visit the Hedgemon website.
  • Something to add to the ‘to do’ list if you are visiting London - apparently the second floor of Alexander McQueen’s new flagship store on Old Bond Street is an exhibition space for his archive work
  • Ofqual say many students don't realise that even if a mobile phone is switched off, or if the battery is dead, taking a phone into an exam room, even by accident, is malpractice. This article talks about why some students still do this even when they are aware of the rules. Something to remind students of with exam season coming up. 

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