29th September 2019

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Investigate LAlloys L

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Rotary cutter LL Bibliochaise

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  • This year’s national winners & runners up of the James Dyson Award might be useful as a resource to use with students. Entries are relevant to a range of materials, users and design problems and each entry outlines the design problem and inspiration, as well as showing the final prototype and what the designer would do next to get the product to market. 
  • Interesting article on how dyslexia impacts on designers and how it can be an asset. Paul is dyslexic, and whilst there are disadvantages, he has always felt there are significant advantages, particularly in terms of how it develops a different way of thinking. In particular the bigger picture thinking the article talks about, along with an ability to think in a more 3D way, even with complex problems, are things he is good at. Learners with dyslexia experience real struggles in some situations which can make learning feel like a challenge and it may be useful to discuss this article with students to help them identify how their dyslexia might actually be an advantage in some situations. 

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