28th April 2019

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L Electronic componentsL Kites

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Are you a textiles specialist looking for support delivering the electronics content of the D&T GCSE in a way that is relevant to textiles? Take a look at our D&T GCSE: Making It Work in Textiles course in Liverpool on 11th May & on Ipswich 29th June.

Looking for ideas for modules of work for the summer term?

If you're looking for ideas for modules of work for the summer term why not consider using one of the competitions below as a focus? Both competitions include lots of resources to start you off, and both can be adapted for use as a full module of work, or for something shorter like a homework. In particular, both sets of resources are useful if you're looking for something that helps students focus on design contexts in preparation for the NEA. Even if you don't want to enter the competition itself the resources provide a useful starting point for planning activities, either for the summer term or for the new academic year.  You've got to be in it to win it!

Product in a Tin poster 2018 - 2019

Our Product in a Tin competition is open to all material areas in D&T (art & design entries are also welcome as long as they meet the entry criteria), and to any year group from year 5 to 11. The winning school gets our biggest prize ever worth over £1200 with a separate prize for the winning student. Every school that enters also receives a free resource. This year, for the first time, photo entries are accepted as we know many students don't like to part with what they have made (note these can't win  prizes but can be considered for inclusion on the website). Closing date 1st August 2019.

Practical Action's Solar Challenge KS2 & KS3 competition closes in June, so you'll have to be quick if you want to enter the competition itself, but the resources are great to use even if you don't enter the competition. 

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  • Sophie Rowley is designer is experimenting with using waste materials to create composites. In particular, she uses waste denim which she dips in resin and layers into a mould to create products out of a composite she calls Bahia Denim, named after the Brazilian blue marble the finished material resembles. The particularly interesting thing about this material is that it retains a fabric type feel on the surface. 

Looking for CPD for the summer term?

Once the NEA is finalised & sent off & revision is well under way, thoughts will turn to planning for the new academic year. If you're looking for CPD to support you or your department we have lots coming up in the summer term. Three of our summer term courses are featured below and the full course calendar includes lots of others. 

The D&T Roadshow

D&T Roadshow copy 6

After lots of requests, we now have a midweek D&T Roadshow, as well as the usual Saturday dates. The day is full of hands on practical activities focusing on teaching theory through practical work, all for just £80. Activities are linked to all material areas and are particularly suitable for KS3 & the GCSE core content. 

D&T GCSE: Making It work In Textiles

textiles 2

This course is aimed at textiles specialists who want to celebrate textiles traditions whilst still embracing new ideas & the broader materials approach of the D&T GCSE. The course focuses on curriculum content textiles specialists may be less familiar with e.g. levers & mechanisms & non textiles materials such as metals, with a range of hands on, creative activities that show how this learning can be delivered using a textiles approach. Dates are planned for Liverpool, 11th May and Ipswich, 29th June.

NEA Success: Developing Skills for the NEA

As the first year of the NEA draws to a close there's lots to reflect on about how best to approach this work with the next cohort. This course focuses on the key skills students need to be successful, both in the NEA, as well as in the broader context of design thinking generally. Dates are coming up in Liverpool, London and Nottingham.



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