27th May 2021


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This Week’s Free Resource Downloads

Updates to our website this week include 4 new resources on designing for different contexts, and in particular the resources focus on designing for different indoor and outdoor spaces.

Design contexts

Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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Product in a Tin Competition (closing date 1/8/21)

It’s the final term to get yourProductin a Tin competitionentries in. Entries are accepted from years 5 - 11. The prizes are fabulous for both the winning student and their school. Get moreinformation andresourcesto get you started.

Look atthe face to face, live online and distance learning options we offer.

Live Online CPD

Ourlive online curriculumplanning courseis now available with more to follow. If you would like to be notified directly when otheronlinecourse become availablelet us know.

LiveFace to Face CPD

Look at the live face to face courses running thissummer.Click on the images for more details.

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Distance Learning CPD Courses

Our distancelearningCPD courses can be worked through at your own pace without the need for time out of school and without travel andaccommodationcosts. Watch out for other coursescomingsoon. Click on the image for more details.

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