23rd June 2019

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These resources particularly compliment resources delegates receive on our “Exam Success: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T’ course. The next one takes place in central London on 2nd July. 

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Delegates attending our D&T Roadshows receive 50 #ThinkDo cards along with other freebies. 
Find out more about the final D&T Roadshow of the year in Bournemouth on Saturday 13th July. 

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  • The D&T Association are offering secondary members the opportunity to take part in a 3-5 day internship in a UK-based design, manufacturing, engineering or construction business.
  • Fascinating stuff - core rope memory technology used in the Apollo space program in the 60s/70s - this is where the software is woven by hand using wires passed through metal rings to represent the 1s and 0s of a computer program.
  • These links on textile dyeing might be particularly useful for A level Fashion & Textiles, especially with the increased focus on the huge amounts of water used for dyeing textiles. Spanish company DyeCoo have developed a closed looped dyeing system that uses CO₂ instead of water. As well as the water that is saved the process means there is no waste water, reduced use of energy and dyestuff, and no drying time (which also means the fabric is ready to use immediately). The CO₂ can also be recycled all of which makes it a sustainable and cost effective alternative to conventional textile dyeing. This animation explains the process and this video has similar content but within the context of the factory itself. 

Product in a Tin competition - 6 weeks to get your entries in!

The countdown to our Product in a Tin competition deadline is on - there's just 6 weeks left to get your entries in (1st August). Don't forget photo entries can be submitted for the first time this year if students don't want to part with their work (although these can't win a prize). Open to years 5 through to 11 across all material areas. Can be used as a module of work, homework, club activity etc. and there are resources to get you started here. The prizes are fab but you've got to be in it to win it!

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