22nd September 2019

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  • Plexwood is a laminate of acoustic wool felt combined with strips of wood veneer to create an flexible laminate for a variety of uses. It might be good inspiration for iterative design work combining different materials and their properties. 
  • A senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at De Montfort University has manufactured a first of its kind prosthetic limb socket from recycled plastic bottles reducing the cost of the socket to around £10. DMU hope this research will help make prosthetics more accessible to a wider group, and particuarly those in developing countries, as well as being a way of contributing towards reducing plastic pollution. 
  • Samira Boon, the designer at Studio Samira Boon, is a textile architect using textiles to create flexible structures, both for internal as well as for external uses. Her Super Folds and Archi Folds projects focus on digitally weaving materials to create self holding structures that stand independently but which also fold to a compact size. The woven fabrics used different tensions and materials in the weave to create origami like folds. Some of her work also includes smart materials that make structures react to heat, light and sound. Her BioOrigami work is also interesting, looking at how biocomposite materials from waste textiles can be used in architectural structures.

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