17th March 2019

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L What technique am IL FSC paper

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Our resources can be used by anyone but delegates attending our courses will find them useful to compliment other resources given away on the day, especially  delegates attending our “Exam Success: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T’ courses (Liverpool 13th June, Nottingham 18th June & central London 2nd July). 

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L Gufram Cactus Coat StandL Digital printing

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Delegates attending our D&T Roadshows receive 50 #ThinkDo cards along with other freebies. The next ones are Ipswich Wed 8th May, Gillingham in Dorset Thurs 6th June, Liverpool Sat 15th June & Bournemouth Sat 13th July.

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  • The ‘Designing, Making, Using’ book by the Design Museum is targeted at KS3 and might also be useful at GCSE. It focuses on 6 design icons/designers (Dieter Rams/Braun, Shepard Fairey/political posters, Jock Kinneir & Margaret Calvert/roadsigns, Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh/Sugru, Corradino D’Ascanio/Vespa scooter, Frank Gehry/wiggle chair). Each section includes learning outcomes, curriculum links, a material list, background information & images, lots of questions to focus discussion, suggested design and modelling activities, as well as pointers for further research. There’s also a link in the book that gives you access to download PowerPoints to support each of the sections in the book, summarising key points and with links to an accompanying video (although unfortunately the PowerPoints aren’t editable). The book might be particularly useful if you're looking for some standalone work for one or two lessons or for cover work. 
  • ‘Access to Clean Water & Sanitation’ is one of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development & next week 22nd March is World Water Day which aims to raise the awareness of this issue. The World Water Day website has some resources, as does the Global Goals website. This could be a useful starting point for a design context, whether it be as a quick starter activity or discussion, or as part of a bigger design activity.
  • The Sowsense Coat was a runner up for New Zealand in the James Dyson Award 2018 and it’s a great example of the use of programmable control in a functional textiles product. Georgia Fulton who designed the product has several pigs as a child which sparked an interest in issues related to pig farming, one of which is that sows usually flop onto their sides to feed their young, trapping their young underneath them without realising. The Sowsense Coat has pressure sensors that are activated by a tilt sensor in the coat when the sow rolls onto her side and which are coded to recognise the pressure and thermal signs that a piglet is trapped. If a piglet is detected, an ear tag alarm lets out a high-pitched noise startling the sow making her get off the piglet. The noise repeats and intensifies 3 times if the sow doesn’t respond and then an alert is sent to the farmer who can use an app to track, record and predict herd behaviour. Over time the sow learns to associate the alarm with a piglet which trains her to more aware of where her babies are.

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