15th December 2019

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TechDoodle Autumn Term 2019

There are no new TechDoodle and #ThinkDo resources this week and next week and instead we will be giving away PowerPoints with all the resources from this term collected in one place. This week we're giving away the PowerPoint with all 24 TechDoodle resources and next week it will be the #ThinkDo one. Both resources will be available to download for a limited period only so download them as soon as you can so you don't miss out (available until 6th Jan 2020).

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  • Rethinking airline seat design - this seat design uses the existing footprint but changes how the user sits in the seat making it a more natural seating position. Useful for getting students to think about how improving a product isn’t always about a total redesign and how small tweaks can make a big difference, along with how the importance of prototyping and how the use of a range of materials and their properties impacts on a design.
  • The ‘How Football Got Shirty’ exhibition at the National Football Museum in Manchester is a great way to get students thinking about textiles fibres and fabrics and their use in garments beyond catwalk fashion. With over 200 exhibits from across the world the exhibition reflects on design influences on football shirts, fibres and fabrics that have been used over the years, new technologies being developed & the influence of football on high street fashion (on until 7/6/20)

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