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Everything is all set for the Textiles Teacher Roadshow this weekend. All tickets have now sold and I am really looking forward to catching up with some familiar faces as well as meeting new delegates. This is one of my favourite courses during the year as there’s always such a buzz with delegates sharing ideas and news. This year the focus is on textiles in the new GCSE and, whilst there are many challenges ahead for D&T teachers with the new specs, the day aims to show how the new qualification can be just as creative with textiles still retaining its unique identity. Although the focus is on D&T textiles the day will be just as much fun for teachers who are going down the art textiles and tech awards route and the main aim is to celebrate all things textiles. Why not come to the same event that will run in London on 3rd December?  

Calendar    Things coming up soon include:


9th Oct - Online support 7-8pm for food teachers on food provenance 

9th Oct - Deadline to download my Facebook Freebie on careers in textiles & fashion

7th Oct - 16th Oct - Northern Design Festival (Newcastle & Gateshead venues)

12th - 23rd Oct - Design Manchester

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#ThinkDo What fixing techniques are used on this outdoor chair? Why have these techniques been chosen?

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Rethink & redesign

Good for introducing design fixation & creative thinking.

Each product includes a short video & thinking points. 

This section of Let’s Learn focuses on products that have been redesigned in different way to the traditional product we know. Products include the umbrella, life jacket, big and baby carrier.


Includes artists who work with wool, processing wool, & technical uses of wool such as tennis balls & performance wool used by the army.

10th - 16th October is Wool Week so why not use some of these resources on wool in some of your lessons? Also Keep an eye on The Campaign for Wool website as they will have lots of events & resources during Wool Week. 

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Useful Links

Alleles Design Studio who create custom designed prosthetic leg covers from ABS. Includes a short video on the prosthetic cover

Talent 2030

Talent 2030 competition National Engineering Competition for Girls


Food teachers, have you seen the Food Teacher Resource Bank by the Food Teachers Centre? All of the resources shared on their Facebook group have been organised so you can access them offline and find the resources you want more easily. Find out more

New exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs (until 15 January 2017)

New exhibition at by the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace, called Stories in Stitch (until March 2017)

New exhibition at the Barbican opens called The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined (13th Oct until 5th Feb 2017)

Tutor Time Activities

Famous Failures

The term ‘grit’ is in the news a lot at the moment, particularly in relation to education, where it is seen as an important skill for young people to develop to help them cope with life’s stresses and strains, and to help them have staying power to aim for what they want in life.   

In particular a key part of ‘grit’ is giving students the opportunity to fail at something, along with the ability to recognise failure as a positive thing. This is something we already recognise in D&T but this is also a useful focus for tutor time activities. 

Useful tutor time discussions might be to get students to think about famous failures and how for many people failure was in reality what ultimately made them a success. Dyson even use their failures as a marketing strategy as can be seen in the image on the right. 

Famous failures include:

  • Michael Jordan, the basketball player was dropped from his High School basketball team
  • John Wayne, the Hollywood actor, was rejected from the United States Naval Academy
  • Beethoven's music teacher told him he was a useless composer
  • Henry Ford first two businesses failed before his Henry Ford Motor Company was set up
  • Steven Spielberg, the film director, dropped out of school which meant he was rejected from 3 film schools because of poor grades
  • Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, did badly in school and had a speech impediment when he was young
  • Walt Disney was fired by the editor of a newspaper as he didn't have enough good ideas
  • Albert Einstein learnt to speak late and performed poorly in school
  • The Beatles were rejected by the Decca record label as they said didn't like their sound and they didn't have a future

This short video might be also be a useful as a prompt for discussion.

Course Updates 

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Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines Dates coming soon for London, York & Nottingham. Email to be informed when dates are released. Bursary available for state schools & academies which pays the course fee.

E-textiles Basics & a Beginner’s Guide to Programming 
4th & 5th Nov 2016, (2 days), York. Also suitable for non specialists. 
 See photos. Bursary for state schools & academies pays the course & accommodation fee.

Promoting Creativity, Imagination & Independence: Outstanding T&L in D&T (includes new GCSE)  (delivered on behalf of Keynote Educational)  9th November, London

GCSE D&T 2017: Textiles in the New Qualification
11th November, Liverpool   
(14th Dec, London also available)

Technical Textiles: Using Smart & Modern Materials in Your Classroom - 25th & 26th November 2016 (2 days), STEM Centre. See photosBursary available for state schools & academies which pays the course & accommodation fee.

Preparing to Teach the New D&T GCSE 9th & 10th December (2 days), STEM Centre, York
Bursary available for state schools & academies which pays the course & accommodation fee.

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow
3rd Dec, London 
(8th Oct, Nottingham also available)
New content for the new academic year: 
focus on the place of textiles in the new GCSE £42 & INCLUDES FREEBIES!

GCSE D&T 2017: Textiles in the New Qualification
14th December, London 
(11th Nov, Liverpool also available)

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