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Do You Lack Confidence In Textiles Practical Skills?


Do you teach textiles but lack confidence with the practical skills required to teach it especially to GCSE and A level? Would you like to develop your knowledge of basic construction techniques such as seams, fastenings, edge finishes, shaping? If this is you I am running a course on Saturday 13th October from 10-4pm in Nottingham that might be of interest. 

The course focuses on equipping teachers, trainee teachers, support staff and technicians with basic practical skills to help them feel confident at teaching textiles. As well as developing your knowledge of basic skills and techniques you will learn how to help students choose the most appropriate method for the product and fabric they are using. You will also learn about the ‘must know’ theory needed to support the learning of your students when answering exam questions on technical skills, action planning and areas related to making a product. There will be the chance to produce technique boards and other resources that will immediately support teaching and learning back in your classroom. This course can also be booked with a similar one on decorative techniques in November for a reduced fee. 

The course will include free teaching and learning resources for you to take away which are worth over £50 along with a free gift sponsored by Husqvarna. 

Visit http://www.textileshotline.co.uk/workshops/teacher-workshops.html for more information and for a link to book and pay online. 

 School orders also accepted & there is 10% discount for trainee teachers  (phone (0115)9881550 to arrange the discount).

The Importance Of Textiles

My newsletter for 4th September included a link to an Ikea video clip of a tongue in cheek advert they have produced showing what the world would be like without textiles. This really is a great clip and if you haven’t already seen it visit http://bit.ly/QwHpVo .

Ikea have also produced another video on the importance of textiles. This one is a bit of a ‘feel good’ video with lots of music and slow motion floaty fabrics! Some of the product images are quite traditional and related to the types of products Ikea sell but nevertheless it may be a useful video to watch. It could be linked to an ‘A-Z of textiles’ exercise where students have to list all the textiles products they can think of (including technical fabrics and products not mentioned in the clip). http://bit.ly/RHZdwc 

Buying Environmentally Friendly Materials & Components


When students do projects on recycling and sustainability issues they often find it hard to get hold of materials and components that fit their briefs. 

Gutterman have now introduced a sew all thread that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. One single bottle produces 1000M of thread or the equivalent of 10 reels. It is used in the same way as ordinary threads and comes in a range of different colours. For more information visit http://bit.ly/PGYeNV

To buy Fair Trade and organic cotton fabrics along with learning information about the fabrics visit 


On the environmental theme, take a look at this really great online tool that helps students map where their clothes come from. Originally designed for geography teachers it is great for D&T especially textiles. Students complete an online survey related to their wardrobe and the tool maps where all of their products have come from. Students can instantly see the world wide impact their wardrobe has had. Once this has been completed there is a useful animation with interactive bits that helps students understand the impact a pair of jeans has on those involved in making them. This would be a great exercise to do in class if you have access to ICT or alternatively would be a really great homework or extension activity. Visit  http://bit.ly/R4yjnL 

Reinforcing Positive Behaviours


Continuing the theme over recent weeks about behaviour management take a look at this 13 minute video clip showing how a teacher uses praise, ‘big up’ walls, and rewards to engage students. The video also has some interesting bits on questioning, product analysis and the use of pace. All of these combined mean students are engaged and have no time to misbehave.the video is of a textiles lesson but the content is generic and relates to all areas of D&T. http://www.playbackschools.org.uk/programme/2312/positive-design 

Useful Links I Have Come Across This Week

The free download image this week is of an industrial circular knitting machine. The following links might also be of interest if you are focusing on knitting. The articles are probably more relevant to A level but are also good for teachers who want to top up their own knowledge. 



Both of the above articles are about knitted textiles materials that have been embedded with cosmetics. 

http://www.knittingindustry.com/hosiery-seamless/cifra-launches-doubleskin-with-emana/ This video clip is about seamless knitted underwear 

Free Photo Download


This week's image is of an industrial circular knitting machine. 

Click on the image to download it.  

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