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Textiles Technology Teachers Pack: Flexible D&T for AQA GCSE Textiles Technology




Julie Boyd

This resource is no longer in print


File & CD ROM 

A flexible resource, providing comprehensive coursework support and theory content for the entire GCSE AQA Textiles Technology specification, Flexible D&T provides an approach specifically designed for the constantly changing field of Design and Technology.

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Key Features:

All the material is provided in Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint® format and can be easily adapted and updated according to specific needs.

Exemplar projects covering various design styles and materials are included.

All exemplar coursework is annotated with detailed examiner’s notes showing how to gain the best grade.

Coursework material is provided in electronic formats, as allowed for in the new AQA specifications, as well as in the traditional A3 format.

All essential skills necessary for a full understanding of Textiles Technology are covered.

Coursework, mini-projects, and focused practical tasks are based on relevant and up to date activities designed to actively engage students.

The adaptability and quality of the material means that it can be used in both KS3 and KS5 teaching, as well as for other exam boards.

CD-ROMs include one site licence. 

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This resource is no longer in print

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