Treasure or Trash?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Seeing this rubbish on my local beach was sad to see but on the flip side when viewed from a different perspective there are also elements of beauty in the images. In it’s new home each item had taken on a new look, changed by the elements and the sea and by the odd juxtaposition of something ugly in such a beautiful place. From the sunken boat with the ripples of sand and sea around it and the colours of the deep puddle it sits in; the tyre with its new decorative centre; the barrier covered in thick lichen that has virtually hidden the original orange colour; the half submerged shopping trolley looking like a wire sculpture; and the abandoned bike with its bold red colour standing out against the beach, everything has an element of beauty if looked at differently.  

What do you see - treasure or trash? Beauty or ugliness?

L buried beach rubbish sunken boat IMG 3523

L buried beach rubbish  3546

L buried beach rubbish IMG 3533

L IMG 3522

L buried beach rubbish bike 3545

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