The Emett Clock


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For as long as I can remember the Emett Clock has been a centre piece of the Victoria Centre shopping centre in Nottingham. Often used as a meeting place, the clock strikes on the hour, playing a tune and opening up with dancing animals and moving flowers and butterflies. 

Dating back to 1973 it recently went away to be refurbished and I realised how much I missed something that has been a key part of my time in Nottingham, both growing up as a child, as a visiting adult whilst living elsewhere in the country, and now as an adult living back in Nottingham. 

People regularly throw coins into the water at the base of the clock and these are collected and given to charity. 


To celebrate the restoration of the Emett Clock children were invited to design their own butterflies and they were displayed with the clock when it reopened. 

community victoria centre butterflies

After restoration the clock was eventually returned to the shopping centre, although in a new position, and it's once again something I see every time I go shopping. It’s great to have something that is considered a design icon in my local town, as well as it being a fond reminder of my long term links to the town. 

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