Sweet Sixteen

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I occasionally write about my niece, Millie, and some of our creative ventures together. For many years we didn’t live close by so she often stayed overnight which gave us lots of time to plan and make different things. As she has grown older her other commitments have meant there has been less time for sleep overs, particularly as we now live quite close so these aren’t really necessary any more. With Millie turning sixteen this year, and starting college in the Autumn, another chapter is beginning for her and this got me thinking about the sketchbook she started with me a couple of years ago which she hasn’t added to for a while. 

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With Millie’s sixteenth birthday coming up I wanted to do something a little special and I had the idea of collecting together some of the photos taken on her visits to stay with us. I was going to buy a small scrapbook or notebook to mount the images into but then remembered the sketchbook. It seemed like the perfect way to fill up the sketchbook and a great way to round off our creative adventures together. 

I collected lots of photos and stuck them into the book, as well as adding one of my favourites to the front cover. Rather than just creating a cover for the sketchbook I made a wrap that tied around the book holding it closed as the work Millie had done in the book, along with the photos, made it quite bulky. 

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For quite a while Millie had her own filing cabinet drawer in our house to store some of her materials and this had a rubber name tag on it. With a few holes drilled in it this made a great decoration for the front of the wrap. 

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I had a great time working on the sketchbook and wrap, both collecting photos and designing and making the wrap itself. It brought back lots of great memories of the fun we had together as she grew up. 

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