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During these challenging times it’s great to see the little art gallery Oakland Gallery that’s opened on the high street in our small town of New Brighton on the Wirral. It’s first exhibition showcases contemporary art and street art and lots of the work is by many of the famous artists that have done the street art that’s on a lot of the buildings all over the town. 

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It’s been a real tonic both to see a business opening up on the high street at such a challenging time as well as having the chance to see the work of so many artists on our doorstep. 

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The ’Sick Micky' piece of art by Tom Blackford also has personal links to our move to New Brighton. A lovely local building was being allowed to go into decline by Wetherspoons who own both the building and the pub next to it. This caused a lot of concern in the community and the ‘Sick Mickey’ art work Blackford painted on the side was seen as representing the feelings of many in the town. Wetherspoons repeatedly removed the art work only for Blackford to paint another image in the same place. 

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You need extremely deep pockets to be able to afford most of the art work (several thousands deep in many cases) so we’ll just have to make do with popping into the gallery and looking at the street art on the buildings. 

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See the Exhibition brochure and find out more about the Oakland Gallery

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