Michael Brennand-Wood Textiles

I have long admired the work of Michael Brennan-Wood, a textiles artist who uses a variety of materials, including textiles, wood, metals, plastics and paper, along with a variety of textiles techniques including computerised embroidery, wrapping, lace work, and weaving. 

Michael Brennand Wood

His work has always been an big inspiration in my own work, both in my work as a D&T teacher, as well as in my own work at home. I was therefore delighted to be able to see an exhibition of many of his pieces at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. It was fabulous to be able to see his work in person and to see the colour, pattern and texture and depth that is hard to fully appreciate in a book. 

L IMG 3885

One of my favourite pieces of work by Brennand-Wood is El-Rayo X 92, and this is one of the first pieces that made me aware of his work. The layers of fabrics, stitches, threads, wire and acrylic on a wood panel fascinated me along with the use of colour and texture. This type of work represents one of the styles that Brennand-Wood uses.

L IMG 3890

L IMG 3889

The Art of the Stitch piece of work shown below (2007 - 2008), which uses embroidery, acrylic, metal, fabric, resin and needles on a wood panel, is another example of his signature style. 

L 1

There was a wide range of different styles of Brennand-Wood’s work in the exhibiton and it was exciting to finally see the work of a textiles artist that I have long admired. 

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