Knife Angel

I recently saw the amazing Knife Angel sculpture which was designed and made by the British Ironwork Centre in Shropshire. The sculpture is made from over 100,000 blades handed in to knife banks as part of an amnesty across all 43 UK police constabularies. 

The sculpture was created as a memorial to those who’ve died from knife crime, with the wider aims of highlighting the negative effect of violent behaviour, and acting as a catalyst for social change. Areas that host the Knife Angel commit to 28 days of workshops and programmes locally, along with committing to a permanent anti violence education programme, all with the aim of creating a legacy that travels with and beyond the Angel’s presence in an area. 

The sculpture has a powerful presence and is worth seeing if you get the chance as the photos don’t do it justice. The website has more about the Angel and the areas where it is currently displayed.

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