Since moving into our new house a regular theme of my blog has been the beauty in nature and there’s lots of reasons for this. Our new home is by the sea with amazing sea views and beaches just round the corner with constantly changing scenary so each day we feel we see something new. We can’t help but be in awe of our surroundings and take lots of photos both to build memories in our new home as well as for inspiration in our design work. 

Another reason for this focus on nature is the restrictions of Covid-19 which means we’re home much more so we’re paying more attention to everyday things around us. In particular, we sit in our garden a lot, or in the kitchen looking out onto our garden, and although it’s very small the previous owner clearly had a love of gardening so our first summer in our new home has been full of surprises with lots of exotic and unusual flowers and plants. 

L IMG 1895

During one of my garden tidy ups I came across this caterpillar which looked so much like a leaf that I was just about to pick it up and throw it away! Instead I went and grabbed my camera and spent ages admiring it’s amazing camouflage and vivid green colour and once again marvelled at nature as a designer. 

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