Busman’s Holiday

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One of my favourite design related places to visit is the Design Museum in London. We spent a Sunday afternoon there back in the summer, our first visit since it moved to it’s new venue. For us it's a bit of a ‘busman’s holiday’ visiting the museum as it prompts a lot of thinking related to our work, but it’s always inspiring and there’s always something new to see, or something that you suddenly see in a different way. 

design museum

As we hadn’t been to the new venue before the design of the building and it’s features were also of particular interest. The entrance is very grand with a great interactive display celebrating the ‘designer, maker, user’ message the museum has. 

Another of my favourite things to see was the crowdsourced wall display that collects together objects suggested by the public as things they feel represents every day design. The wall has a strong visual impact because of the way it's laid out, so it’s interesting from a design perspective and it really catches your eye, and the products themselves and what people have chosen are interesting to reflect on. Some of my favourites were things we don’t really think about such as the zip, bucket and the paper bag all of which have important jobs to do and which we don’t really think about when we use them. 

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We had such a good day we even decided to become a member of the museum and ironically, the cost wasn’t significantly more expensive than it would have been to visit the 2 specialist exhibitions (there’s also a permanent free exhibition which is fab). We’re looking forward to visiting again later in the year when there are new specialist exhibitions. Mind you any saving we might have made on the membership will be made up for what we buy in the shop!

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