1: A Year in Photos

When we moved house in February 2020 I set myself a project to take a photo a day to record the first year in our new house. I did this as a challenge some years ago and it was a great creative journey, as well as being fun to do and look back on. 

One of the aims of the challenge was to record the progress on our house renovation, as well as a way of getting to know the new area we lived in, but literally just a couple of weeks after we moved in Covid hit and my year of photos became a record of something much bigger. 


Taking a photo every day was a challenge at times, especially as many days were uneventful because of lockdowns and restrictions. This forced me to think beyond what I saw as a ‘good’ photo and it encouraged me to be more creative and to notice the everyday and ordinary things.

Whilst some photos were of everyday ordinary things others recorded key events in an unusual year -  from moving in and trying to get the central heating to work (which took most of the first year to properly fix), our first walk to the beach which is 8 minutes walk from our house, and the start of the pandemic and the press coverage around it. 

Year 1

Now that we have lived in our house just over a year I’ve set myself a new project. I didn’t want to put myself under the pressure of having to take a photo everyday so this time I’m focusing on taking photos each week and then pulling out a couple that represent the last seven days. This means photos might be from the same day if it was a quiet week, or from a number of days. Like last year the aim is to record the timeline of events across the year but also to challenge me to once again see and celebrate the ordinary things around me. 

So, here are photos from the first month of year 2 in our new adventure by the sea in New Brighton on the Wirral. 





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