Sherwood Arts Week

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It's Arts week in my local area, Sherwood, in Nottingham.  Although it is a relatively small area there is always lots going on and it generates a lot of visitors to the area. 

Lots of the shops display work from local artists & designers in their windows. Most of the shops get involved as well as many of the restaurants, banks, and cafes. Throughout the week there are also lots of workshops running, many of them free, as well as other events. 

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There is also lots of yarn bombed street furniture. Each year the designs get bigger and more adventurous!

L IMG 8616
LIMG 8618
L IMG 8619
L Yarnbombing

Today there was plus a craft fair with some really high quality products and at the end of the week there is a recycling gala. 

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This is a great event that has a real community feel to it. It is great to see the arts celebrated in this way and to see it grow bigger each year. 

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