A busy New Year!


My niece, Millie, often stays for a few days over New Year as it is her mum’s birthday just before so she often combines her birthday and New Celebrations with a trip away. We all enjoy watching the midnight fireworks in the warm as we are lucky enough to live on a hill in Nottingham that gives us a fantastic view of several different firework displays, including the main one on the Forest in the city centre. The whole skyline is light up and it is a fantastic sight. 

IMG 4110

As Millie stays for several days there is usually lots of opportunities for a bit of designing and making! For this visit Millie spent a lot of time experimenting with thermoplastic properties of different materials. She used the iron and the oven to manipulate materials to create permanent creases in fabrics as well as to shrink fabrics into different shapes. She also created her own oil cloth fabrics by coating ordinary fabrics with lamifix. 

lamifix 4100IMG 4102

Millie had time to add her experiments to her sketchbook but didn’t have time to design a product using her new ideas so that is something for another day. 

IMG 4799

As well as doing textiles work together when she visits Millie and I often cook. As she is now doing D&T in school, and is currently doing Food, she was keen to develop her skills. She is much more confident in the kitchen now and was keen to be much more independent. In fact she wanted to take full responsibility for making a pizza and some cupcakes to follow. She got no argument form me as that meant I could sit and relax while she made tea!

Millie asked me to write out a set of instructions on how to make the pizza and cupcakes so she could be independent. I had to show her one or two things, such as how to chop an onion, but once she had been shown what to do she did the rest of the job herself. She was also good at tidying up as she went along! 

IMG 4771 copy

We didn’t have time to make the pizza base from scratch so Millie used ciabatta bread as the base. She used fresh toppings, including tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and onions and also made a salad to go with the pizza. This picture shows the pizzas just before she put all of the toppings on them. These are the pizzas for one person but she actually made enough for 3 people. 

Millie also made cupcakes which she decorated with chocolate. Everything tasted delicious and it was a great New Year treat. 

I was very impressed by how independent Millie was when she was cooking. I was also impressed that she wanted to do everything herself, without help, even if it took a little longer to do. She was also keen to develop her own ideas and was particularly keen to make sure her finished products were presented well. Just like her sketchbook work, Millie showed she is willing to have a go at things even if she hasn’t done them before. 

I am looking forward to Millie cooking again on her next visit. I could get used to having my tea cooked for me without me having to lift a finger!

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