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I have recently written my second article for The Sewing Directory website based on the brief the set me of a nightlight for a child and using e-textiles components. 

When planning the project I had to bear in mind that most of the people using The Sewing Directory website would have limited knowledge and experience of e-textiles, with most of them probably never having come across it before. I also had to bear in mind that the target market was traditional crafters rather than the teachers and students I usually design projects for. 

I have been using pelmet Vilene a lot with the work I am doing with teachers and students as it is very effective when used with e-textiles and is easy to use. This therefore seemed like a good choice for the nightlight. In my work with teachers I have also been experimenting with projects based on maths shapes so the choice of a cube meant that the project would also be suitable for use in schools. 

I liked the idea of combining traditional ideas with more contemporary ones and whilst I wanted the nightlight to have traditional elements to it I also wanted it to be different to what is in the shops. 

As the materials and shape of the nightlight were going to be quite unusual I decided to use more traditional designs for the decoration and used farm and zoo animal shapes. I also used felt for the animals as it is a more traditional material, is easy to use, doesn’t fray and comes in bright colours. I also chose to use hand embroidery stitches, again because of the traditional effect, although the cube could be sewn together with a sewing machine. 

The LEDs in e-textiles can be quite bright and although the pelmet Vilene mutes them a little I liked the idea of using colour changing LEDs in order to give the nightlight a calming effect. 

Watch this video to see the LEDs change colour

The e-textiles components used in the nightlight are a small battery holder and battery, and 2 LEDs. These are joined together using hand stitches and conductive thread. This looks and feels like a soft embroidery thread but the metal coating means it conducts power from the battery to the LEDs. 

Buy the e-textiles components to make the animal nightlight (note this kit contains the e-textiles components for the nightlight and not the textiles materials)

Download the instructions for this project at The Sewing Directory

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