Using reflective & phosphorescent materials & components


For those of you that are following my 'high tech textiles' series in Sewing World magazine April's edition is now out. The project for this month is a cushion using glow in the dark and reflective beads, fabric, thread and paint. 


The combination of the two types of high tech materials with ordinary ones means that the cushion looks different in different types of light. In daylight it looks like an ordinary white, blue and silver cushion in daylight. In low light conditions the reflective fabrics shine brightly as the tiny glass beads in the fabric reflect the light. In very dark conditions the phosphorescent materials give off an eerie glow as they release the light energy they have stored up. 


All the materials, dyes and threads are easy to get hold of and easy to use as well as being relatively cheap. The project is a good one for the kids during the school holidays and would be a good one for those of you teaching in schools as well looking for a high tech project.  

You will be able to see some of the Sewing World articles and projects at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show at the NEC from this Thursday onwards. I still have loads to get ready and typically my printer decided to tell me it needed a vital new part over the weekend! To make matters worse it doesn't seem to be one you can easily pick up in the shops so I have had to do an online order & keep my fingers crossed it will arrive in time. 

In amongst all the chaos my husband decided I needed to have a brand identity as he has some experience in this area. That means I now have t.shirts and hoodies with my name all over them ready for the show! They even have flashing LEDs in them to show off the electronic textiles resources I will be promoting. At least I won't have to think about what I am wearing each morning although its not my idea of high fashion. Mind you, my husband will be the show with me and I have told him he has to wear a similar 'uniform' too. He may well regret encouraging me to raise my brand profile after all!

I have used my website name as although I have several sub brands, such as Denim Duck, they all come under this main brand heading. Look out for us on Stand N14 in our grey and white flashing hoodies! For more information on the show visit click here  . 

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