Using lamifix wipe clean coating


The February edition of Sewing World is now out which features the second of my articles on high tech textiles. This project is for a drawstring wash bag and zipped make up bag. Both items are made using a product called Lamifix which enables you to make any fabric wipe clean similar to an oil cloth fabric.†

Lamifix is an iron on coating that comes in a roll with either a matt or gloss finish. It is easy to use although it is best to practice first on scrap fabric. To apply the coating to the base fabric it is simply ironed using a high temperature & pressing cloth. It is easy to sew with although if you are sewing direct onto the shiny side you might need a walking presser foot on your sewing machine to prevent sticking. It is also best to avoid folding and unfolding it too much as it can crease the surface.†

The downside of Lamifix is that it is quite expensive at around £5 metre. It is only half a metre wide which makes it feel even more expensive and the width also restricts what you can use it for. The coating is wipe clean only so it can't be washed or got heavily wet as this makes it come away from the base fabric. If the fabric does come away from the Lamifix you can re-iron it into place.†

The good thing about it is that you can make your favourite fabric into a wipe clean one rather than having to stick to the choice of wipe clean fabrics you can buy off the shelf. That makes it ideal if you are trying to coordinate an item to a room or if you want to make something for someone using a particular fabric.†

The drawstring bag is the simplest product to make and is ideal for a beginner project. The make up bag is more complex as it is smaller and has more fiddly bits including a zip so this is more suited to someone with a big more experience. Both projects are good for hobby sewers wanting to make something a bit different for themselves or as a gift. They are also good for teachers as a project in schools as a way of introducing modern materials.†

Take a look at the project in the magazine all this month. For those who want support to make the project there will also be a one day workshop on 11th February at the venue I use in Nottingham. Click here for more details.†


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