Photos from Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch 2013

It has been a couple of weeks since I last updated my blog but hopefully things will get back to normal now!

This year has been incredibly busy both with work and following on from our house move just before Christmas. I therefore decided to take some time out just to try and catch up with things. In particular I have been trying to get the unpacking from the house move complete as work commitments meant that things came to a stand still on that front not long after we moved in. Although we had managed to get lots of the work done over Christmas we still had 2 rooms full of boxes to unpack as they were rapidly becoming dumping grounds for all sorts of other things too! Added to that, the garden was starting to look like a jungle and definitely needed tackling sooner rather than later! 

It has been worthwhile taking the time out as things are much more organised now and we can really start to enjoy our new home. Mind you, now we are thinking about decorating but I think that will have to wait until the summer!

Just before Easter I mentioned I was at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC. The weather was pretty bad so that did have quite a bit impact on numbers attending but the stand was still very busy most of the time. In fact in some ways it was a help that it was a little quieter as this was the first time I have done anything like this so it gave me a chance to get used to how things work. 

Below are some photos of the event. 


Waiting for the doors to open on the first day


Display of recent Sewing World articles from the 'High Tech Textiles' series


There were demos of machines throughout the day


The e-textiles kits & products attracted lots of interest and most people were not aware of this new technology


Lots of teachers attended who were interested in the resource packs I produce for schools


My husband helped me out during the 4 days. It was his idea to have my name on hoodies! Notice the LED that sits under the fabric to light up the 'i'.


As well as lots of stalls selling materials and components there were lots of demonstration stands like my own. In addition there were general stands like this historical one by the WI and a display about costume in the movies. 


There was also regular catwalk shows every day


The competition entries for the schools design competition. The finalists took part in the fashion show on the Friday when the winners were announced. 


My husband really charmed all the ladies with his demos of the different machines. 


Getting ready for the e-textiles workshops I ran regularly during the day


Proof that it is not just women that attend this type of event. 



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