Happy Christmas!


With only a week until Christmas everyone is busy with all the last minute preparations. Each year I seem to get less organised when it comes to Christmas, despite generally being a very organised person! 

I have bought one or two presents but still have most of them to buy so it looks like I am going to have to brave the shops some time this week.  I've spent this morning catching up on Christmas cards and Christmas catch up letters as today is the last day for sending cards using Second Class post. I have also put up some Christmas decorations so the house is starting to feel a little more Christmassy. Trouble is there is now a growing realisation about how much there is left to do and how little time!


Funnily enough at work I have been thinking about Christmas for a while now. When you create resources and publish things you tend to have to work quite a bit in advance so I actually started thinking about Christmas way back in September! In fact Valentine’s Day and Easter are more on my mind at the moment with several projects currently being developed. 

One of the Christmas projects I worked on long back in the autumn were the light up Christmas tree decorations at the top of this blog and in the image on the right. These were for an Open Day I was running for teachers which took place in November. Like much of my work, they use e-textiles; tiny LED lights joined to a battery holder with specialist conductive thread. 

I also made a simple decoration using a laser cut cup mat, inspired by the fact that there are so many laser cut textiles items in the shops at the moment.  The decoration has a light sensor cell holder meaning that the LED comes on when it starts to get dark. The instructions on how to make this decoration along with a short video can be found by clicking here (this will open a new window and take you to one of my other websites)


Another project I made was a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer decoration shown in the picture below. 


I actually developed the design from a card my niece made for a competition she was entering (see my previous blog for more information on this). I developed the face shape, made it into a 3D hanging shape and added a push switch to the cheek area so that when you press it Rudolph’s nose lights up. This makes the decoration more fun and interactive and saves on batteries! If you are looking for a last minute project for Christmas you can download the instructions for how to make the decoration, along with a short video by clicking here (this will open a new window and take you to one of my other websites)


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing other people use your resources and ideas to make something for themselves. I was delighted when I saw the image below on Twitter from Louise (@cranny44) who had made up the Rudolph decoration. 

Mary Sayers also created this lovely Christmas stockings using e-textiles. It was originally designed for a competition, and although it didn’t win, Mary enjoyed the challenge of something new and I think it will make a wonderful addition to a Christmassy room. 

Handbags 348
Handbags 346

I hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas! 

For other e-textiles project ideas click here (this will open a new window and take you to one of my other websites)

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