Finally a use for all those odd socks lost in the wash!

It has been another busy week with me completing the final article in the 'High Tech Textiles' series for Sewing World magazine. This time I was working on a sockie reading light similar to the one in the images below. 


As the name suggests this is a light made out of a sock using e-textiles components to apply light up eyes. The sockie either sits up on his own to light up your book or can be tied onto furniture to shine from above. The instructions for the sockie will appear in the June issue of Sewing World. For those of you that are teachers, if you can't wait until June, you might be interested to know this project and other resources are available in the Modern, Smart & Electronic Textiles resource pack which you can buy from my D&T teachers website 


Still on the theme of Sewing World magazine and high tech textiles the third in the series of articles is now out in the March issue. This issue covers the use of photochromic beads and thread which react to sunlight by changing colour. As you can see from the bead and thread samples below the components are white until they are placed in sunlight when they change into bright colours. The product is a baseball cap with patterns for all ages from babies and children to teens and adults. 

Back on the electronic textiles theme I have also been working on my latest tutorial project for Kitronik for whom I am a retail distributor of their e-textiles components. The latest tutorial is a for a project that is a little more challenging than the two that are already on the website. The new project shows you how to create a circuit with several LEDs. The circuit has been sewn directly into a ready made bag which can be seen below.  


I will post the tutorial link on here when it is up and running and it will be simple to adapt the circuit to fit a range of products if you don't want to use it in a bag. For now take a look at the two beanie hat tutorials I have designed already click here

Most of these projects will be on show at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show at the NEC from 21st - 24th March 2013 (entry also includes free entry to the Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycraft events on at the same time) where I will have a demonstration stand (stand N14) so keep a look out for more details on here or click here 

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