E-textiles article in Sewing World magazine


The last in the series of Sewing World magazine articles on 'high tech textiles' is now in the shops in the June edition. 

Sockie booklight close up

The focus is on creating your own electronic modules using conductive thread, LEDs, and battery packs. This is called e-textiles which is short for electronic textiles. There are other names you might also hear such as wearable electronics but they basically all mean the sam thing; putting electronic parts into a textiles product. It all sounds difficult but once you get the hang of it it really is quite easy. 

There is a short explanation in the article to explain all the different components and then there is a project to have a go at. There are also other projects on my website at http://www.textileshotline.co.uk/resources/free-resources-to-download/resources-e-textiles-tutori.html which also has instructions on how to use the different components and details on where to buy them. 

The project in the magazine is a reading light made out of an old sock. It can sit on a table or pillow or be tied onto a bed or something similar. It is a great project to do with children although it can be quite fiddly so you might want to have a go yourself first!


This series of articles has been popular and has received a good response. Many people have commented to me that they weren't aware of the range of unusual materials that are out there. Raising people's awareness of these materials was my aim so hopefully in some small way the articles have helped to show people how to add the 'wow' factor and something a bit different to their textiles work. I have been asked to do more articles in the future so I now need to plan new projects and ideas!




A battery holder the same as the one used in the sockie


A watch battery which powers the electronic circuit


Conductive thread which joins the battery holder and LED and which conducts the power in order to make the LED light up

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