Another new Sewing World article

The latest edition of Sewing World magazine is now out which has the fifth in the series of articles on High Tech Textiles (May issue). 

This issue the focus is on electronic textiles and in particular the use of off the shelf light and sound modules that require no knowledge of electronics and no use of LEDs, conductive thread etc. (that will be the focus of the June issue). 

The issue features 2 door hanger projects, one which uses an off the shelf light module and one that uses an off the shelf sound module. Both modules are easy to get hold of and are equally as easy to use. They add a real 'wow' factor to your work and are something a little bit different. 


The light module before it is integrated into the hanger. 


The finished hanger with the LED at the top of the sail on the boat.

The sound module used in the cupcake (it is slightly bigger than the end of a teaspoon)


The cupcake hanger with the sound module hidden inside. When you squeeze the middle of the hanger it says 'I love you'. 


Sewing World magazine is sold in WH Smiths, larger Supermarkets and craft stores. 

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