A very electronic textiles week (and a bit of traditional mending)!

It has been another busy week with lots of different things going on. I have been preparing for a number of teacher courses I am running over the next couple of months as well as writing my latest article for Sewing World magazine and producing some tutorials on electronic textiles which will appear on Kitronik's website as free downloads.†

In fact it has been a bit of an electronic textiles week as the Sewing World article I have written was also on this theme. It won't appear in the magazine until May and I will mention more about it then but I can say that the designs are for hanging decorations that light up or make a noise when squeezed.†

The electronic modules that are used in the products are ones that are bought off the shelf ready made as opposed to the ones you make yourself which are the components I sell on this website. How to use those more complex components will be the focus of the article I write for the June issue of the magazine.†


The photo on the right shows the light module and on the left below the sound module. Both are relatively cheap buy at under £1 each. Both are something a little different that can be integrated into a range of textiles products. The only things you really need to think about are where they will be positioned, how they will be switched on and off and if the product needs to be washed (in which case they need to be able to be removed from the item before washing so need to be removable).†

IMG_1707 _Snapseed

In contrast to all the high tech textiles work this week I have also been doing some basic mending and repairs of things that have piled up since our house move. Like most people I find this side of textiles a bit of a drag! I do remind myself however that I am lucky to have the skills and knowledge to be able to save myself some money as well as being able to personalise things just the way I want them. Still I do wish I found that side of things as interesting and exciting as then I wouldn't keep putting it off which results in the big pile of repairs I faced this week!

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