A new sewing room!

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Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas.†

Things are finally starting to calm down after our house move. I definitely don't recommend a move so close to Christmas and the New Year but unfortunately it wasn't our choice and we were just glad to finally get the move underway!†

I am very lucky now as although the new house is smaller than the old one it is laid out better and I am able to have both a sewing room and a separate office. This is going to be a real bonus as my work as a consultant means I do lots of different things so I always have lots of ongoing projects both textiles based and non textiles. I will now be able to keep these separate and it will be much easier to keep on top of things.†

One of the advantages is that I can have most of my machines and equipment up and ready at all times and I have plenty of space for cutting and experimenting. This meant that even though the rest of the house was in chaos I was able to retreat to my sewing room over Christmas to make some last minute presents like the door hanger above that I made for my husband as a moving in gift. I also made a similar one for my niece's first birthday. There is no doubt that having everything set up and ready to use made both projects quicker to do and more fun as I wasn't surrounded by loads of other stuff (well apart from a few unpacked boxes!). I know I am very lucky to have a dedicated space and it is one luxury I am going to really enjoy using.†

One of the things I have been working on over the last couple of days in my new sewing room is one of the articles that is part of the high tech textiles series in Sewing World magazine. You may have seen the first article in the January edition but because the publishing world works a long way in advance I am already on the article that will appear in April's issue! This means I have been playing with various glow in the dark and reflective materials and components as this is the focus of the article.†

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In particular I have been using Guterman's Sulky Glowy thread which looks and behaves like ordinary coloured sewing thread (blue in the case of the one in the photo above) but which absorbs UV light and releases the energy as a soft glow in low light conditions. As you can see from the picture above the effect is really quite good. †

If you are a hobby sewer this product is something a little different to your average sewing thread and is a good example of some of the new and exciting components and resources that are more easily available nowadays (this is the focus of the 6 articles running from January to June).†If you are a textiles teacher this thread is an easy way to introduce something a little different into your classroom without it being a huge expense (it is about £4.40 a reel and even a small amount has a big impact). It is a particularly useful way of introducing modern materials to the curriculum in an affordable way.†

Look out for the article in April's edition of Sewing World. In the meantime take a look at the current edition that is in the shops with the instructions for an insulated lunch bag and look out for February's edition coming soon which features lamifix which is a iron on coating you can make you own oil cloth fabrics out of. There will also be courses for each of these articles run at the Coles Sewing Centre in Nottingham (check out the workshop pages for details).†

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