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What is a VIP Bespoke Course?

See the current VIP Bespoke courses - look for the VIP Bespoke label

As independent D&T consultants we run a range of courses to suit different budgets and needs:

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As the names suggests VIP Bespoke courses offer delegates our most bespoke and specialised experience. Numbers are restricted to a maximum of 10 delegates in order to provide a more personalised experience for each individual attending. These courses also have the greatest depth of content with extensive supporting resources worth over £100. 

VIP Bespoke courses are designed to have a more intimate and focused feel. Although the maximum number of delegates is deliberately restricted to 10, this number is even lower where the content might be better delivered in an even more focused and personalised way. 

These courses have limited availability in terms of dates and venues and they take place less often. 

VIP bespoke

Each VIP Bespoke course provides substantial supporting resources worth over £100. This includes extensive electronic resources, as well as other resources linked to the day e.g. equipment used for one of the activities or a materials sample pack. 

See the current VIP Bespoke courses - look for the VIP Bespoke label
Tickets £295 (includes VAT)

What types of courses are offered?

Most VIP Bespoke courses focus on specialist content targeting specific aspects of the curriculum e.g. A level, exam success. The aim is to take a much deeper look at these areas compared to the ‘light’ and ‘medium’ touch of our less expensive courses.

Boyd Education 10

These courses have limited availability in terms of dates and venues and are often added to the calendar in response to requests from teachers who identify a need for a particular course in their area. 

See the current VIP Bespoke courses - look for the VIP Bespoke label
Tickets £295 (includes VAT)

Can’t see the type of course you are looking for?

If we don’t currently offer the course you are looking for take a look at VIP Bespoke courses listed below that we might be able to offer. Contact us to discuss a date being added to our course calendar. 

Outstanding Teaching & Learning in D&T  (includes high level thinking & exam success)

A level 

Electronics & e-textiles

3D Printing

The Design Process (including NEA links)

Raising the performance of boys 

Textiles in the D&T GCSE 

Developing Practical Skills in Textiles 

Leading an Outstanding D&T Department  

We can also offer other VIP Bespoke courses. Get in touch to discuss your needs 

We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

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