Electronics for D&T Technicians

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Electronics for D&T technicians

State funded schools can apply for an Enthuse Bursary (funds part of the course fee & accommodation)

We deliver this course on behalf of the STEM Centre so bookings & queries about the bursary are made via the STEM Centre website

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  • Develop basic electronics skills, including circuit design and working with simple e-textiles
  • Explore the Crumble microcontroller, microbic and associated free to download software
  • Experiment with a range of inputs, processes and outputs in a range of different contexts
  • Consider how the D&T technician role supports the development of electronics in a D&T department


L P1010001
  • Are you looking for ideas to help your design and technology department introduce simple electronics and microcontrollers to students? Are you interested in learning about electronics but not sure where to start? This hands-on course will explore a range of simple to use electronics equipment, including electronic projects on a budget, the Crumble microcontroller, micro:bit and e-textiles products.
  • This course is designed for technicians within secondary design and technology departments looking to support their departments to deliver content on understanding of voltage & current, switches, capacitors, resistors, diodes, series and parallel circuits, transistors, using a multimeter (including voltage, current, continuity & resistance), basic soldering, how to make a basic PCB without the need for specialist equipment and an introduction to e-textiles.
  • Signposting teaching resources. 

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We deliver this course on behalf of the STEM Centre so bookings & queries about the bursary are made via the STEM Centre website

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