Preparing Students for GCSE & A Level Exams in D&T

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Preparing for GCSE & A level exams in D&T

State funded schools can apply for an Enthuse Bursary  (funds part of the course fee & accommodation)

We deliver this course on behalf of the STEM Centre so bookings & queries about the bursary are made via the STEM Centre website

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  • identify key strategies that strengthen the retention and application of knowledge and which supports students of varying ability levels, to maximise their potential in exams
  • develop your planning for a holistic design and technology curriculum across key stage 3, 4 and 5 that supports student success in the design and technology written exams at GCSE and A level
  • develop skills for specific types of questions at GCSE and A level, including extended answer questions


With the increased rigour in design and technology examinations, at both GCSE and A level, it’s important to equip students with effective learning strategies.

This course will provide ideas and resources to support teachers to develop a curriculum that embeds examination strategies throughout learning, drawing from expertise and research, including that from the Education Endowment Foundation.

The course content is relevant to teachers who are delivering key stage 3, GCSE and A level design and technology curriculums.

During the course we will:

  • unpick the current research on what supports effective learning, including research on metacognition by the Education Endowment Foundation
  • work with you to develop a holistic curriculum with natural progression across key stage 3, 4 and 5
  • identifying strategies that embed learning and revision of exam content over time
  • consider easy to implement strategies that support students of varying ability levels, supporting students to maximise their potential in exams
  • developing skills for specific types of exam questions, including extended answer questions at both GCSE and A level
  • identifying key priority learning areas in both GCSE and A level exams
  • undertake practical activities to support the teaching of science linked parts of the curriculum, eg levers and mechanisms, forces and stresses
  • explore ways in which theoretical content can be delivered with a hands on approach
  • discuss how you can work with your maths department to develop resources that support the maths content within design and technology (Note the course will not cover maths content in detail but will consider how maths can be easily integrated into the D&T curriculum)

What Delegates say about this course

Loved this course. Very informative, I found all the sessions useful. 

Awesome! So thorough and in depth. Julie & Paul are very, very well resourced, there is nothing they haven’t got!

Liked the focus on literacy and vocabulary, and making change manageable. Great, loads of useful activities which are ready to use in school with my students. 

All was really relevant and really made me consider how we currently deliver our curriculum theory content.  There is nothing I would improve, the combination of thinking writing doing was about right.

I found everything valuable - particularly the sub-skills session focusing on activities to help break down questions into their component parts to identify misconceptions and understanding which will really help my LA students to be able to access the questions and be more successful in exams.

This course was everything i'd hoped for and more. There were so many useful strategies and activities that I can use immediately in my teaching to benefit my students understanding and to help me in the long term, ensure I am covering all the core content across the curriculum - and including opportunities for repetition/spaced learning. 

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We deliver this course on behalf of the STEM Centre so bookings & queries about the bursary are made via the STEM Centre website

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