An Introduction to Using the Crumble Microcontroller in D&T

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Crumble course

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An Introduction to Using the Crumble Microcontroller       £175 (per person) Contact us for discounted rates for additional participants from the same school

Blended learning course equivalent to a one day training course
2 hours live online training plus a self directed study programme (approx. 4 hours)

This course can also be run as a bespoke course either as the online version outlined below or as a face to face course one day course. Find out more. 

Booking your online session
You attend 1 x 2 hour online session

9th June 2022     3.45pm - 5.45pm   

Sorry, there are no places available on this course 

Booking a place

Bookings are made via our ‘shop’ website called BoydCreate. A new window will open on BoydCreate when you click the ‘Book Now’ button above.

  1. You can book and pay online in one transaction 
  2. Purchase order bookings are also done via the ‘Book Now’ button. You will be given the option to add a purchase order number and we will invoice you with details on paying via BACs. If you are unable to book online contact us.

How the course is delivered

  • This is a blended learning course equivalent to a one day training course. It has a mix of 2 hours live online training, as well as at least 4 hours self directed study activities.
  • Online sessions are usually delivered via Zoom.
  • The course fee pays for one person to attend the live online session. They will be asked to participate via audio or video.
  • The online session includes hands on interactive activities and a resource pack is sent to participants before the session (this includes a Crumble and other components). 
  • As part of the self directed study participants will be provided with electronic resources with activities and reading that supports the content of the course. The self directed activities can be carried out at any time and are designed to support participants to create a personalised CPD programme that helps develop a curriculum over time.  


  • Learn the basic electronics knowledge needed to confidently use the Crumble
  • Explore the Crumble software e.g. using lights, sensors, buzzers, switches and motors 
  • Consider how Crumble can be integrated into the KS2, KS3 and KS4 curriculum
  • Identify a self directed study programme that develops your skills using Crumble over time

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The Crumble Controller is a programmable board that can be quickly used to create programmable design and technology projects. The Crumble is controlled by easy to assemble blocks of code that combine to create programs downloaded straight to the Crumble device. The software used to write the code is free. 

  • Designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of electronics & microcontrollers 
  • No previous experience is necessary and is particularly suitable for non specialists
  • Also suits those with some knowledge who lack confidence & need a recap on basic knowledge
  • Introduction to basic electronics learning, including hands on ideas for classroom delivery
  • Understanding what a microcontroller is & what it is used for
  • Learning how to use the Crumble software with different inputs & outputs
  • Considering projects & activities for introducing electronics & Crumble at KS2, 3 & 4
  • Links made to key learning for electronics & microcontrollers at KS2, 3 & 4
  • Tips on classroom management when introducing Crumble to the classroom 
  • Ideas on delivering learning on electronics & Crumble in an engaging way
  • Includes easy to follow resources that can be used in the classroom straight away
  • Online session includes hands on activities & a resource pack is posted to participants
  • The online session introduces the main ideas & the self directed activities enable participants to create a personalised CPD programme focused on applying ideas to their own curriculum

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Resources participants get

  • Digital resources that support the different activities carried out in the course as well as some additional tasks. These resources are suitable for use with students. 
  • Crumble starter kit to take away so you can carry on developing your skills after the course.
  • Self directed learning programme.

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Technical requirements to access the course

You will need:

  • Free Crumble software will need to be downloaded before the session (PC or MAC)
  • Information on downloading the free software will be sent before the session
  • You will need a PC or MAC desktop computer or laptop to be able to do the activities
  • You must ensure you are able to use the USB port on your compute (some schools disable these)
  • Use of headphones will make the audio/video interaction easier
  • Space on your work table will allow you to take part in some of the interactive activities
  • Important note: Participants will be sent resources to use during some of the online activities so make sure we have the name of the person these have to be sent to

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What delegates say about this course

  • This was unknown territory for me. The session has given me the confidence to play with Crumble and take risks.
  • Excellent introduciton to Crumble. Really simple, easy to use & excellent resources to take back into tthe classroom.
  • The Crumble has opened up a new range of project ideas for me.

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